Thursday, November 12, 2015

#21 Chronic Fatigue Sindrome - The Eye And The Alter Of Insignificance 7" lathe

Voices, two voices, other voices, meld and weld into songs of murmer. On listening I can hear reflective graceful holographic light beams. The air is substantial and delayed to the sounds of futuristic folk. The sun is creeping into the room and drifting on the drone, showing rainbow coloured specks of dust, they are like tiny hallucinatory planets carried off to oblivion. From Mt Eden Village up there in Auckland, recently doing tours with The Trendees, Pumice and Kraus and other like minded visionaries. A new record @ 45rpm  - 7" lathe record ltd 21 copies, nz$15 each email me for postage root don lonie for cash at hotmail dot com.

*On a side note, Peter Kings lathe records are sounding really really excellent. I have been getting Peter to make lathe records for me for over 20 years (!!!) & at the moment, hes on fire! So I am really proud to be making these records for these wonderful bands, & I am still planning some kind of CD or tape(?) compilation featuring all the 7"s so far (21 releases on Heavy Space). Thanks, CN.

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