Thursday, November 21, 2013

#6 Ponzi Scheme / Vulcan Steel split 7" lathe SOLD OUT

Ponzi Scheme is a collection of visual and audio artists based in Whangarei formed by Porter, Squire mid 2008. Ponzi is a non annotated free jazz/noise trio from Taitokerau. Rosie does some guest vocals. Vulcan Steel are Clayton & Beth from The Futurians & Stefan from Pumice, with ISO & Racula (Murderbike) guesting on this live recording. Both bands have a similar aesthetic, just pick up & play, in a droney rock kinda way. Cover image by Ducklingmonster! 7" lathe ltd 20 copies, email rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com, nz$15 or nz$30 p+p (for overseas) or nz$5 for nz post.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

#5 Antony Milton - Southerly Front 7" lathe SOLD OUT

Cloudbursting and naturalistic acoustic guitar, gray rumbles, string and suburban/long-for-the-outdoors twang. Ant Milton, you know its going to be good and worth your while, a lover of the sounds of nature. Music for all seasons, lenticular afternoon glory. 7" lathe ltd 40 copies, email rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com, nz$15 or $25 p+p.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

#4 GFrenzy - From Up North ep 7" lathe SOLD OUT

dero, lonesome , drinking blues, these recordings came from a show in wellington where gfrenzy was accompanied by stfn nvll. sweet crooning, dark balladeering, growing up sugar kiwis in the 70s mini anthems. ltd 25 copies, comes with a 'truck guy' poster with track details, email rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com, nz$15 or $25 p+p.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

#3 MURDABIKE - MURDA4LIVE 7" lathe record SOLD OUT

In a room of broken disco balls, ISO12 and Racula smash neon coloured shards of beats and quiet whispered vocals. They are motor-cross space cyclists, their sound metalic, robotic, like spray painted scatter patterns of analog synths. Moroder rythms live in a decaying ex-Victorian town, the music is modern, the music is primitive, the music is murda! ltd 21 copies. nz$15((($20 with postage anywhere in the world, rootdonlonieforcash (at) hotmail (dot) com))))

Sunday, June 16, 2013

#2 L.$.D Fundraiser - EveryTime You Text, Another Child Dies 7" lathe record SOLD OUT

Crashing layers of effects pedals, a tall big eared silhouette looms over the back streets of Dunedin, near the wharves. There are industrial walls marked with spray paint and sea spray, at night its like the stark minimalism of thx1138. The buzz of Dene 'L.$.D Fundraiser' Barnes guitars are bullied and beaten and soothed into shape, bits of metal and drugged feedback. Someones gotta stand up for the kids! LTD 21 copies, covers & disk are see through and comes with an A3 poster. NZ$15 ($20 with postage anywhere in the world).

email rootdonlonieforcash ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com

Sunday, May 19, 2013

#1 Vlubä / Futurians split 7" lathe SOLD OUT

"Range-finder lasers beam out from the southern hemisphere and meet in a cosmic nexus. Theres a party going on out there. Weird smokes waft through dayglo dance halls; a potent liquor is squeezed from gravity tubes. Back down beneath the stars, in Argentina and New Zealand, robot minds are hacked and their garbled data transmuted into golden bits to rock the temples of the ages."

ltd 20 copies, nz$15 each.

Catalogue #1