Thursday, November 12, 2015

#21 Chronic Fatigue Sindrome - The Eye And The Alter Of Insignificance 7" lathe

Voices, two voices, other voices, meld and weld into songs of murmer. On listening I can hear reflective graceful holographic light beams. The air is substantial and delayed to the sounds of futuristic folk. The sun is creeping into the room and drifting on the drone, showing rainbow coloured specks of dust, they are like tiny hallucinatory planets carried off to oblivion. From Mt Eden Village up there in Auckland, recently doing tours with The Trendees, Pumice and Kraus and other like minded visionaries. A new record @ 45rpm  - 7" lathe record ltd 21 copies, nz$15 each email me for postage root don lonie for cash at hotmail dot com.

*On a side note, Peter Kings lathe records are sounding really really excellent. I have been getting Peter to make lathe records for me for over 20 years (!!!) & at the moment, hes on fire! So I am really proud to be making these records for these wonderful bands, & I am still planning some kind of CD or tape(?) compilation featuring all the 7"s so far (21 releases on Heavy Space). Thanks, CN.

Monday, October 19, 2015

#20 Lorenzo Abattoir - Bestiario 7" lathe

Italian noise maker Lorenzo Abattoir presents a 7" of disassembled menacing pieces of minimal experimental ritualistic music inspired by the art of Antonio Ligabue. Acoustic, electro-acoustic, bells, field sounds and atmospheric metal. NZ$15 email me for post etc...root don lonie for cash at hot mail dot com. 23 copies. 
1. la fine รจ l'inizio della fine
2. la petite mort (with Hermann Kopp)

More info here on Lorenzo

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#19 Fur Chick - Yeahnah 7" lathe

Spring, electronics, effect pedals, tone destroyers & bright light crashing percussion. Plugs & leads, Claire uses extreme sounds, both harsh & gentle. Ex-Suburb moments, the inner mega city breathes its last, the red centre shakes the island continent. LTD 20 copies, nz$20 plus post etc rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

#18 Psychick Witch - Bullshit Western Mysticism 7" lathe

Two compressed guitar distorted riffy drum driven cymbal smashing songs, black & white but glistening with mystic colours. The single minded vision, made new with the youthful experience mix, dual approach of 'meh' and a very big fuck given. Def 'borrows' from monuments that came before now (think 90s bedroom tape sessions), but warm and charming and artful. LTD 20 copies, NZ$15 plus some more for post etc...

Friday, July 3, 2015

#17 Dean - Cobra 7" lathe SOLD OUT

Like super bad villains from a 60s tv show, mysterious & untouchable. This instrumental band from the bowels of the Waikato uses a casio drum machine & four electric guitars. Swirl & swish, pedal hopping, slow rock with surf twang poppy hooks. From Hamilton, its foggy tremor hangs over the songs like a heavy heart. Ltd 20 copies, from me rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com, nz$15 plus more to post.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

#16 Witcyst - Even More Power 7" lathe plus 'Calypso' c20 tape SOLD OUT

Witcyst! My fav Whangarei artist of music & trash, with walls covered in history & collages & eyes in front of old screen technology & warped radio. Theres a constant traffic buzz & early morning walks with the dog, dumpster diving for old medical toys & a hand painted Hillman Hunter. The 7" single is 5 minutes of nearly pure pop either side, chorus & verse & verse & chorus, even hints of guitar solos & repetitive syllables that are nearly words. The c10 tape is brutal abrasive low fi hi noise. LTD 25 copies, email me at the root don lonie email record+tape is nz$20 but will have to quote postage.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#15 OUR.LOVE.WILL.DESTROY.THE.WORLD - Raven Brazen/Burial Emperors 7" lathe SOLD OUT

Whoa, Campbell James Kneale should need no introduction, the music is heavy, light, dark, bright, constructed, deconstructed, crystals & rocks. 25 copies worldwide, nz$20 please email rootdonlonieforcash at hot mail dot com for postage etc...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

#14 F.A.N.Z. - Live @ Puppies 26 April 2014 7" Lathe SOLD OUT

Noise from Wellington, NZ, recording of the debut live gig. Noel Meek, Samin Son, Fergus Nelson Moores & Antony Milton. Electronics and vocals, drums and sampler. Jet planes taking off, grooving slowly to a breaking beat, shades of colourful feedback & jagged rocking company. Ltd 20 copies, nz$15 plus postage email rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail etc...