Sunday, January 24, 2016

#22 The Doll - A Few Kisses Ago 7" Lathe SOLD OUT

The Doll has been making hideous solo sounds since 2005 and most recently been playing in Seattle noise improv bands TBA & Punters. Her collective project, Contact Mike, is winding up a 3 month US/NZ guerilla gig tour. Right now she is working on a limited digital release for vaporcake.
She also makes comics and collages, takes snaps, curates & produces stuff, and hosts a radio show called OC/DC.
For this release The Doll was messing around with her no-fi toys (3 contact mics, 3 mini amps, Osterizer Galaxie blender, Nokia C101, T-Pain mic, 2 pedals) one afternoon and this happened. A layered love song in two parts, a wishbone heart. Littered with heavy breathing, feedback harmonies, and slatherings of Dr Phibes.
Recorded live at Hummingbird Vista, Seattle, September 2015

The Doll at Bandcamp

Noisewife at Bancamp 

Contact Mike at Bancamp 

Vaporcake at Bandcamp 

LTD to 20 copies, NZ$15 email root don lonie for cash at hot mail dot com for postage etc.

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