Monday, June 27, 2016

#24 1000 Hues Of Golden Fire - Balancing The Galaxy 7" lathe

Intense, on the cusp of falling apart then seamlessly reassembling themselves back together, 1000 Hues blazed a crooked fiery line in the Dunedin night scene like a firefly dancing around a battered light bulb, we are very lucky they were able to sit still long enough for someone to briefly capture them onto tape because they are constantly moving, like shifting luminescent sand. There are rock moments, there are noise moments, there are emotional on the ledge of a large crevice moments. It's all good, exciting stuff! NZ$20 plus email for postage etc...root don lonie for cash at hotmail dot com.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

#23 The Electricka Zoo/Badger Sett split 7" lathe SOLD OUT

A new split 7" lathe of 2 very interesting bands revolving around the wholly other Dave Edwards. The eclectic Dave Edwards bends electric/acoustic improvisations to fuel smashing folk blues. Sometimes it's all over the place, other times mysterious & single minded. The single comes with a download code for the Yum compilation. Electricka Zoo is Dave & Darrel Hannon recorded in Upper Hutt, Badger Set is Dave with Chris Prosser, Michael Hall and Julie Bevan recorded in Lower Hutt. A very interesting record. LTD 30 copies, get hold of me root don lonie for cash at hot mail dot com.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

#22 The Doll - A Few Kisses Ago 7" Lathe SOLD OUT

The Doll has been making hideous solo sounds since 2005 and most recently been playing in Seattle noise improv bands TBA & Punters. Her collective project, Contact Mike, is winding up a 3 month US/NZ guerilla gig tour. Right now she is working on a limited digital release for vaporcake.
She also makes comics and collages, takes snaps, curates & produces stuff, and hosts a radio show called OC/DC.
For this release The Doll was messing around with her no-fi toys (3 contact mics, 3 mini amps, Osterizer Galaxie blender, Nokia C101, T-Pain mic, 2 pedals) one afternoon and this happened. A layered love song in two parts, a wishbone heart. Littered with heavy breathing, feedback harmonies, and slatherings of Dr Phibes.
Recorded live at Hummingbird Vista, Seattle, September 2015

The Doll at Bandcamp

Noisewife at Bancamp 

Contact Mike at Bancamp 

Vaporcake at Bandcamp 

LTD to 20 copies, NZ$15 email root don lonie for cash at hot mail dot com for postage etc.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

#21 Chronic Fatigue Sindrome - The Eye And The Alter Of Insignificance 7" lathe

Voices, two voices, other voices, meld and weld into songs of murmer. On listening I can hear reflective graceful holographic light beams. The air is substantial and delayed to the sounds of futuristic folk. The sun is creeping into the room and drifting on the drone, showing rainbow coloured specks of dust, they are like tiny hallucinatory planets carried off to oblivion. From Mt Eden Village up there in Auckland, recently doing tours with The Trendees, Pumice and Kraus and other like minded visionaries. A new record @ 45rpm  - 7" lathe record ltd 21 copies, nz$15 each email me for postage root don lonie for cash at hotmail dot com.

*On a side note, Peter Kings lathe records are sounding really really excellent. I have been getting Peter to make lathe records for me for over 20 years (!!!) & at the moment, hes on fire! So I am really proud to be making these records for these wonderful bands, & I am still planning some kind of CD or tape(?) compilation featuring all the 7"s so far (21 releases on Heavy Space). Thanks, CN.

Monday, October 19, 2015

#20 Lorenzo Abattoir - Bestiario 7" lathe

Italian noise maker Lorenzo Abattoir presents a 7" of disassembled menacing pieces of minimal experimental ritualistic music inspired by the art of Antonio Ligabue. Acoustic, electro-acoustic, bells, field sounds and atmospheric metal. NZ$15 email me for post etc...root don lonie for cash at hot mail dot com. 23 copies. 
1. la fine รจ l'inizio della fine
2. la petite mort (with Hermann Kopp)

More info here on Lorenzo

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#19 Fur Chick - Yeahnah 7" lathe

Spring, electronics, effect pedals, tone destroyers & bright light crashing percussion. Plugs & leads, Claire uses extreme sounds, both harsh & gentle. Ex-Suburb moments, the inner mega city breathes its last, the red centre shakes the island continent. LTD 20 copies, nz$20 plus post etc rootdonlonieforcash at hotmail dot com.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

#18 Psychick Witch - Bullshit Western Mysticism 7" lathe

Two compressed guitar distorted riffy drum driven cymbal smashing songs, black & white but glistening with mystic colours. The single minded vision, made new with the youthful experience mix, dual approach of 'meh' and a very big fuck given. Def 'borrows' from monuments that came before now (think 90s bedroom tape sessions), but warm and charming and artful. LTD 20 copies, NZ$15 plus some more for post etc...