Sunday, May 31, 2015

#16 Witcyst - Even More Power 7" lathe plus 'Calypso' c20 tape SOLD OUT

Witcyst! My fav Whangarei artist of music & trash, with walls covered in history & collages & eyes in front of old screen technology & warped radio. Theres a constant traffic buzz & early morning walks with the dog, dumpster diving for old medical toys & a hand painted Hillman Hunter. The 7" single is 5 minutes of nearly pure pop either side, chorus & verse & verse & chorus, even hints of guitar solos & repetitive syllables that are nearly words. The c10 tape is brutal abrasive low fi hi noise. LTD 25 copies, email me at the root don lonie email record+tape is nz$20 but will have to quote postage.

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